let’s take it outside.


Braided River makes flavorful craft beer designed to pair with the Gulf Coast lifestyle. We want beer that goes along no matter where the adventure takes us, and that doesn’t make us choose between great beer and drinkability.


Never Settle

Our year round beer lineup takes inspiration from historical beers designed for a hot day and puts a modern spin on them - because just like the rivers we take our name from, we’re constantly in motion and forging new paths. We use our expertise to bring an innovative, quality driven approach to all our beers, without losing sight of the fact that craft beer should be fun and approachable. After all, beer is the drink for both celebrating and unwinding, and ours goes great with front porches, backyards, and afternoons on the water.


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Crafty beers for curious people.

At our taproom we’ll have a variety of beers on draft, with a focus on drinkable pub ales but lots of experimental beer as well. We take our beer very seriously, but not ourselves. And just like our rivers weave to form the Delta, we weave together the best our community and the outdoors have to offer.