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We’re drawn to the Delta and united by beer. Because to us, the best way to celebrate the Delta is to slow down and savor the moments—and the beer—together.



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We take inspiration from the natural world, and are proud to have an amazing natural treasure in our own backyard--the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Known as "America's Amazon" for its biodiversity, it is a unique resource we want to share with others.

The term braided river describes the way multiple rivers come together in the Delta. They slow down, spread out, and criss-cross with one another, before making their way to the Bay. We know life is at its best when we slow down and connect with one another. By brewing great beer, we provide a point of connection, bringing people together to savor life’s moments and celebrate the natural world in Mobile’s backyard.


Brewmaster David Nelson led Quality Control for Lonerider Brewing in North Carolina, winning over a dozen national and international brewing medals during his time there. He is driven to use the expertise and knowledge from that success to create your favorite beer. His motivation for starting Braided River Brewing was simple: “I love great beer, I love exploring the outdoors, and I want to enjoy both with friends and family.”